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Rank Group Suffers A £500,000 Penalty For Gambling Protection Failures

The Rank Group faces a £500,000 penalty. The UK Gambling Commission ordered the financial penalty after falling a customer to lose the amount of £1m in just 24 hours! The UKGC currently investigates both the casino, sites located on Rank Group official and their land-based affiliate Grosvenor Casino. Both the Group and the affiliate lacked responsibility control.

The Rank Group failed to interact with the customer that showed a problematic behaviour. Then, neither Rank Group nor affiliates did contact him during a self-exclusion period, not following rules for the provision of credit. The problematic individual, also a long-standing customer of the land-based affiliate, escalated in gambling activity soon after opening an online account. While this is somewhat usual for casino sites, it’s up to the casino to protect their customers.

That’s the attitude of Richard Watson, the Gambling Commision executive director. Watson claims it's something operators have to do. Regardless of customers wealth, VIP status, each customer is prone to gambling problems. The operators have to monitor customer at all times and look for problematic behaviour.

The Rank Group still has room for work. After all, the Group got praise for identifying the problem and notifying UKGC and admitting its shortcomings.

The real problem, though, wasn’t in the identification of the issue, but in the application of the casino sites gambling controls. First, they should make arrangements for the provision of credit that the customer in question could use online. Second, they failed to visit the customer at his home during the period of self-exclusion. Finally, they failed to access the data correctly and see if the customer had a previous history of problematic gambling.

Watson explains that overall it wasn’t so bad. Both the consequences and the penalty package would be far greater if it weren’t for Rank’s positive action.

That should serve as an incentive for all casino sites. However, even with the huge financial penalty, money won’t be wasted. The money will go to GambleAware, and the data will be analyzed to prevent such cases in the future. Casinos should be extra careful when dealing with gambling addiction.

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