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When Should You Contact us?

If You Want us to Review a Casino

If you have a casino site that you want to be reviewed, feel free to contact us. We're always looking to expand our database and provide even better service for our readers. We'd be grateful if you enlisted as much information about a casino site as possible. Also, it would be desirable if you stated your relation to the casino (owner, manager, affiliate, user).

If You Find an Error in our Reviews

Although we do our best to keep our reviews error-free, mistakes happen, and we'll fix them as soon as possible. We usually reply within 48 hours.

If You Need Additional Information About Reviewed Casino Sites

We try to make our reviews as extensive as possible, but at times, there's some additional guidance needed. Contact us about anything you want to know, and we'll try to answer everything that's within our reach.

When to Avoid Contact?

You should know two things about us:

  • We do not accept monetary compensation for reviews
  • We are not a casino site

Therefore, don't contact us if you want us to do paid reviews or if you're having issues with one of the reviewed casino sites. In the latter case, it's best to contact the particular casino's customer service.

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