Affiliate Disclosure

Reviewing casinos is our full-time job. Consequently, we cannot fund the extremely high expenses of maintaining a website by ourselves. Still, we are continually looking to improve our research methods, our website's design, and our staff's knowledge. Transparency is essential in any online business, and that's why we invite you to read our affiliate disclosure and learn where and how do we get funds to keep up and running.

Why Affiliates?

We fund our projects through affiliate links for two simple reasons. First of all, our website doesn't have ads, and we plan to keep it that way. Ads are the primary source of income for many sites, but the user experience often suffers. The second reason is that we don't accept monetary compensation for writing reviews. So, basically, the only way to keep our mission alive is through affiliates!

What Do We Need From You?

The short answer would be – not much. Every time you click on one of our affiliate links, we get a small commission. The commission is rather modest, but it enables us to keep going.

Why Should You Help Us?

First and foremost, it's completely free! You won't be asked to pay anything, and you can get a lot in return. Also, it's as safe as it gets because you won't be sharing personal information of any kind. Finally, visiting the casinos through our affiliate links won't alter your experience in any way. That being said, the real question is – why wouldn't you help us?

You are our main strength, and you enable us to keep going. Thank you for your patronage!