About Us

Before we introduce ourselves, let us welcome you to our modest and yet helpful website. It's important to note that you should enjoy online casinos, but at the same time gamble responsible.

That said, we're two friends who got tired of scams, threats, and other harmful practices from online casinos. That's why we decided to use our experience and Mark's tech-knowledge and create this website.

What can we do for you?

Our mission is to create 100% unbiased and genuine reviews. We'll try to evaluate as much casino sites available in the UK and rate them according to our criteria. Casino sites have caused UK players enough problems, and now it's time to avoid the scammers. We'll check everything, from offers and user interface to their performance and deposit/withdrawal times. We have a strict methodology, and we stick to it.

First, we sign up on a casino website. Then, unlike most other review sites, we gamble with real money. We check everything that might be of interest to our readers and, finally, we withdraw the funds we've won to see how much time does a particular casino take to process payments.

Our Team

Head of the team – Harsha

My name is Harsha Reddy. Like I mentioned above, I'm just a guy that loves to see others happy by helping them. Ever since I was 18, I used my free time to gamble at casinos. I'm not just talking about online casinos; I started playing casinos before this online version became popular.

One thing nearly ruined it for me. Four months after I quit physical casinos for online casinos, I found out that some online casinos are ripping the users off. Some of them are into outright scamming of their users while some use smart tactics to rip off the users of their hard-earned money.

I nearly quit online casino because of this. But my love for this way of catching fun didn't let me. So, instead of stopping, I started working in ways I can help others detect these scams and other tricks used by online casinos to rip users off.

Raj – The Developer Guy

There's nothing special about my existence on this page since it's just a regular WordPress site. However, I would like your experience to go as smoothly as possible so make sure you let me know if you notice any bug during your visit to casinosites.me.uk.

We're on a Mission

Our goal is to maximise casino-lovers experience by helping them identify the best online casinos. In doing so, they can play online games with trust knowing that their identity is protected, fun is guaranteed, their winning can be redeemed, and they will have a peace of mind.

Review Criteria

To ensure we accomplish this goal, we consider various factors when analysing an online casino site. Some of the elements we consider include:

  • The websites' reputation and history
  • The number of games offered by the website
  • Quality and type of games
  • Sign-up bonuses and other bonuses
  • Software compatibility and the responsiveness of the site
  • RTP for all games
  • The website's security
  • Payment and withdrawal methods
  • Customers support

We also check whether the casino site is genuine or not. Furthermore, we look for licenses and permissions to operate.

The information we present on our site is based on the evidence that the site met and satisfied the criteria we use in analysing them. We hope that I can help you avoid bad online casinos, help you catch fun, maximise your online experience, and improve your chances of winning big in online casinos.

Gamble Responsibly or Don't Gamble at All

Please note that gambling at an online casino carries some risk. While the information you will read here is aimed at increasing your chances of a positive outcome, winning is never guaranteed. I recommend you play responsibly. Please play for fun and never bet a sum of money you cannot afford to lose.